RLDs/Innovator/Comparator sourcing

Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) or Comparator Products Samples:

Tactus group supplies Branded, Generic, Specialty, Controlled substance and Bio-similar pharmaceuticals products from USA, Europe, Japan and other countries through our strong network of suppliers and deliver cost-effective and high-quality Pharmaceuticals. Sourcing and securing best shelf life of products with sequential and specific lots, Proper Documentation for Import/Export, customized sourcing of RLDs in small and large quantities.

Our services include:

  • 1. Sourcing and Procurement of Pharmaceutical Innovator/RLDs for development of Abbreviated new drug application (ANDA)/Generic applications for Regulated market
  • 2. Full support for REMS, Specialty, Bio-similar and Controlled substances.
  • 3. We help in sourcing of all dosage form include Tablet, Capsule, Injections, Granules, Powder, Creams, Diluents, Eye drops, Nasal sprays etc.
  • 4. Sourcing of Specific lot, Expiration date and self-life requirements.
  • 5. We ship the products under controlled temperature.
  • 6. Handling Small as well as larger quantities as per customer requirements.