Supply innovator products (RLDs) We are also specialized to Supply Innovator products (RLD Products) from USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and rest of the world.

Tactus group distributes Brand, Generic, Specialty, Control substance and Bio-similar pharmaceuticals products from USA, Europe, Japan and other countries through our strong network of suppliers and deliver cost-effective and high-quality Pharmaceuticals. Sourcing and securing best dated products with sequential and specific lots, Documentation, small and large quantity and contingency plan. Direct relationships with manufacturers enable us to supply to your location while maintaining the highest level of product integrity and GDP practices.

Our services include:

  • 1. Sourcing and Procurement of Pharmaceutical Innovator/Comparator/RLDs drugs for development of Abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) and not for commercial sale.
  • 2. Full support for REMS, Specialty, Bio-similar and Control substance drugs.
  • 3. We help in sourcing of all dosage form include Tablet, Capsule, Injections, Vials, Granules,Powder,Creams,Diluents,Eye drops, Nasal sprays etc.
  • 4. Sourcing of Specific lot, Expiration date and self-life requirements.
  • 5. We help with the shipping of sensitive products under temperature-controlled conditions to arrive at your clinical trial facilities within the requirement temperature range.
  • 6. Third Party logistics
  • 7. Handling Small as well as lager quantity as per customer requirements.